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#1 Muzzleloader Typ #1 Muzzleloader Non-Typ

#1 Overall Typical - 213 6/8” - Marengo County

 Joe Gandy took this tremendous buck on his own private property in Marengo County on January 31, 1993. Joe does not make any big claims about this buck; he says he just saw the deer for the first time and took him cleanly with one shot. His property was predominantly open farmland, with a small amount of woodland adjacent to the open areas. Very little hunting had been done there, and Joe attributes this trophy buck to the fact that he was allow to grow old. Just to look at the rack of this deer, one first recognizes it as having a rather typical look. In fact, the tremendous buck does have a typical score of 213 6/8. This buck is by far the #1 typical for Alabama… and the South, for that matter! However, when you add in the non-typical points you realize just how massive this buck really is. It scores 243 5/8 non-typical and ranks #7 in the non-typical category. Some might consider the Joe Gandy buck to be the best ever taken in Alabama, depending on how one judges beauty… or the beast! We are pleased to list this tremendous trophy where it belongs in Alabama Whitetail Records… as #1!